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Hogland is a Swedish producer and DJ whose melodic songs has captured the ears of several million listeners. The Stockholm based producer, born 1997, started making music at the age of 14 and few people could have foreseen the rapid rise which awaited Hogland. He released his first song "The Night" at the age of 18 which caught the attention of the Scandinavian Spotify charts and in only a few years of time, Hogland has gained over 45 million streams on Spotify.

At the year of 2011, Hogland heard that his favorite producer Avicii was using the digital audio workstation FL Studio. Hogland knew that his cousin used this music production program as well and got to borrow the program. He started experimenting with different styles before landing on his distinct sound, with the melodies in the focus at all time. Two years later, at the year of 2013, Hogland started to attend a DJ-school that was held once a week in a town called Södertälje where he started to hone is DJ skills. Hogland has now landed DJ-gigs all around Sweden as well as in Spain and in Norway, where he played at his first festival.

In 2018, his release of “Over You” with the British singer Jazz Mino caught the spotlight immediately. The song was featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday, as well as in some of Spotify’s most uplifting playlists such as Motivation Mix and Wake Up Happy and gained 1 million streams in under a month. This, however, is just the beginning for Hogland so you better stay tuned!

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